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AndAlso is a india based women run fashion brand that creates body belts and more accessories for the modern individual.

I collaborated with AndAlso to create social media images, campaign promotions and emailers that would be circulated on a daily and weekly basis. We worked together for several weeks to create campaign and interactive social media content to increase engagement, sales and spread knowledge of the brand.

Social Media Creatives

On a daily basis, we released interactive stories and posts that allowed our audience to engage with us, buy products and chat with.


Campaigns and Emailers

On a weekly basis, a newsletter would be released that would allow the founder to engage with her audience. This was her voice directly to her fans and customers, and would address a new topic every week. Additionally, we would start each campaign with an introductory emailer that would give subscribed users a sneak peek into the upcoming collection.

Founders Desk bigger-18.png
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