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Hybrid Entertainment Experience & Self-Care App

 An entertainment platform that catered to the needs and habits of the Middle East Region and allied with a self-care app for self-service and subscription management.  

UX Research
UX / UI Design
Design System

The Middle Eastern media and entertainment market was valued at USD 30,349.4 million in 2020, and it is expected to reach a value of USD 47,029.82 million by 2026. With the rise of on-demand media platforms and capabilities of handheld devices, consumer behavior & expectation toward TV and the services offered on it are rapidly changing. 

While TV is still a very popular household device, the market demands a flexible and even platform that allows operators and content owners to tailor their services to meet the changing consumer landscape.

We were tasked to help the company with strategic design and indigenous technology solutions, to transform the TV viewing experience for UAE consumers in a manner that integrated traditional TV viewing and on-demand streaming seamlessly.​ Designed and engineered an Android compliant hybrid experience and a self-care application (Android and iOS)


We were a team of 4 designers and I was part of the team that lead the end-to-end design delivery which included - Consumer Research, Benchmarking, Concept design, UI/UX, CX, Visual Design, and Prototyping.


4 months

Design Process

Design Process mbc.png

Competitor Benchmarking

Competitor User Journey.png

Aspects of our benchmarking

Group 38803.png
Group 38805.png
Group 38802.png
Group 38800.png
Group 38801.png
Group 38804.png

Key Insights

Group 38808.png
Group 38807.png
Group 38558.png
Group 38806.png

Ethnographic Research

Ethnographic research.png

We recruited 20 consumers to understand their needs and habits around media consumption. Focused on the features they use, needs, improvements and the pain points that were not addressed by existing streaming applications.

Key Insights

Group 38815.png
Group 38818.png
Group 38817.png
Group 38816.png

Target Users and Personas

Target Users and Personas.png
Group 4292.png
Group 4306.png


Group 38566.png

Dive Into Media
A new age viewing experience that enhances any television into a smart TV. Enables voice search with Google Assistant and Smartphone as remote and gamepad.

Group 4279.png

Media First Experience
Delivering the next-generation of immersive media experiences that enrich Life! MediaFirst empowers operators to offer subscribers rich, compelling TV experiences on any screen.

Group 38567.png

Media Room
An experience that reflects the needs of its user - to celebrate their next generation TV. Creating a single hub for the best stories on the platform with easy jump off points to the deeper catalogues.

Key Areas of Focus

We maintained basic principles that would be applicable on any concept

Group 38896.png
Group 38898.png
Group 38897.png
Group 38895.png

Style Guide

Visual Design

Visual Design Cover Image (2).png

Features that translate beautifully across devices. With users owning more than one device, the goal was to design and deliver a consistent experience across devices, regardless of where the user starts, continues, and ends the journey.

Custom Android Launcher

The design is in-line with global market trends and Android 12 TV guidelines, bringing focus to content images and reels for an immersive experience​

Live TV

​Accommodating 6000+ channels, the Program Guide & Zap Banner have been enhanced for clear legibility and a clean and intuitive navigation

High Level of Customisation

The platforms allows its users to rename, reorder, delete and hide channels to let them create a custom experience

Self Care Application

A holistic self-care platform with multilingual support allowing users to manage their Set top boxes, subscriptions, payments, and connect with customer care directly

Google Assistant

Google Assistant Enabled

Voice Search

Speech-to-text enabled search


Account and Subscription Information

Parental Control

Age Restrictions and Parental Control

Detailed Page

Program Detailed Page

Design System

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