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OwlCrate - The Ivory Key

A book subscription company that curates themed items commissioned me to illustrate a reversible book cover for "The Ivory Key" by Akshaya Raman. 

The story is about a world where magic is a physical resource that’s running out, four dysfunctional royal siblings go on a treasure hunt to find more. The author wanted to create a reversible book cover for their limited edition OwlCrate box.

The concept was left upto me, and we worked on a couple of sketch iterations before we narrowed down on one.


The concept I designed was about making the siblings look like they were in a royal portrait, without actually making them portraits. Each character had a unique set of traits and that would be reflected in their clothing, pose, background and supporting elements

Iteration 1.jpg

We reiterated the characters to match their descriptions and personalities from the book, while keeping the background and the aesthetic the same.

Final Sketch.jpg

Final Outcome

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