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Next-Gen AdTech for linear & digital inventory

Helping advertisers amplify their brand and reach their target audience by offering effective AD insertion, innovative advertising solutions & audience insights

UX Research
UX / UI Design
Style Guide
Design System
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The emergence of OTT is disrupting the broadcasting industry. OTT has made movie-watching convenient, accessible, and affordable across a wider segment of users. Anybody with a mobile phone and internet connection can view a movie; sitting anywhere in the world.
Consumers are moving away from Pay TV services, to other forms of digital entertainment. This is primarily because advertisements are forced on the user and creates a negative user experience. 
This shifting landscape towards digital entertainment sector is creating an interesting dilemma for advertisers. 

Advertisement booking is a long and tedious process. There are several stakeholders involved, and the process is not linear. We were tasked to help advertisers amplify their brand and reach their target audience with advertising space across our Linear, Digital, Over the Top (OTT), Video on Demand (VoD) and Social Media platforms. Offer effective AD insertion, targeted advertising solutions, deeper audience insights, and built-in quality and verification of spots by building a multi-device solution.


We were a team of 4 designers and our responsibility included the end-to-end design delivery which included Ecosystem Mapping, Stakeholder Research, Trend Analysis, UI/UX, Prototyping, and Design System.


6 months

Design Process

Design Process PTP

Stake Holder Research

Interviews with domain experts to capture perspectives, and pain points about the process and tools used to serve ads.

Stakeholder Research

Journey Line and PainPoints

stakeholder journey.png

Targeting Users: Understanding the users more than mere cookies is a challenge for brands

Privacy: Identify users for targeted advertising without violating the privacy regulations

Disruptive Tech: Brand depend on third party solution providers, a micro service because they lack in certain areas of technology

Transparency: Buyers need to know what they pay for, else they lose control over the budget allocated to the ad campaign

Brand Safety: Brands are concerned about ads being shown next to extremist content or anything that can even mildly be associated with the brand image.

Ad Fraud: Ad Fraud includes fake data of audience views and click impressions.

Platform Integration: Need for a single platform that can integrate multiple stakeholders and streamline processes allowing them to save time and efforts.

Ethnographic Research - Advertisers

We recruited 20 advertisers to understand the impact of digital advertising on business. The focus was to gain insights into advertisers' needs and pain-points.

Advertiser Ethnographic research

Advertisers are looking for more efficient audience targeting capabilities & real time data & insights on how their Ad campaign is performing. There is no tool in the market today, for TV advertisements that provides them this information.

Advertisers are forced to move to digital platforms such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc. as they allow for better audience targeting, and provide real time data and insights for their Ad campaign. However, Ads are integral for monetization and cannot be detached from the ecosystem.

Key Insights

Key Insights PTP

Consumer Research

Advertiser Stats

92% of users ignore Ads on tv. They tend to switch to a different channel, or switch to their mobile phones when Ads appear. Why? Because they are non contextual, intrusive and un-relatable. Secondly they lack continuity. There is a disconnect between the Ads and the users watching it. Consumers are moving to OTT platforms for a less intrusive experience. 

Ad Issues

Consumer Research  Insights

Consumer Research Insights

USP Feature Definition

Use Case and Task Flows

Usecases and Task Flows

Style Guide


Visual Design

Visual Design Image 1.png

Building A Scalable, Information Based Experience For The User

Mapping every complex data heavy use case through a robust, intelligent and scalable eco-system. 
The goal was to create a portal that would allow stakeholders to customize their end to end work flow according to their task, while keeping in mind the overall picture of the interconnected web of multiple stakeholders. 

1. Agency Buyer : Builds a Brief

The Agency Buyer / Client has access to all the various briefs created by him under the various tabs that indicate what stage the brief is in. Each brief is categorized according to the requirements, process and type of brief that was selected. Once the Agency Buyer is done with the brief, he submits it to the DMS Planner.

DMS Planner : Creates a Plan

The DMS Planner receives the plan from the Agency Buyer, and verifies if the information is relevant and fits within the campaign period. From here, he can either request for a change, or he can confirm the information and submit it to the contractor. 

Contractor : Books Spots and Packages

Based on the received plan, the Contractor will either book Loose Spots, or a Package according to the requirements. The Contractors choose relevant deals and book spots, generating contract numbers that are used to verify the information. 

Consumer's View of Advertisements

We reimagined how Ads on TV would look and behave in the future. The AI-enabled AdTech solution understands users’ consumption patterns, & genre preferences to place relevant advertisements in real-time, for better engagement and conversion. As a result, ads are relevant, interactive & contextual.

Value Proposition

Value Proposition

Design System

To maintain consistency across devices, and allow for future scalability, we created a design system for designers and developers to use as a single source of truth.

Key Contributions

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