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SlyGranny is a cafe that rocks a 80's aesthetic, serving delicious food and hosting fun events.

I created social media creatives, posters, escalator decals, signboards, menu cards and more for the brand. It was important to maintain the brands vintage aesthetic, while incorporating a modern and fun layout.

I worked with this brand for several weeks through an agency ( Azure ). All creatives are shared on their social media and website.

Social Media Creatives

On a daily basis, we released interactive stories and posts that allowed our audience to discover new food, drinks and desserts.

Screenshot 2021-11-06 at 2.02.18 PM.png

Promotions and Campaigns

SlyGranny often hosted events like a comedians night, where nation loved comedians would perform, with your favorite food and drinks !

Sly carousel icecream parlour-01.png

Menu Cards

I worked on themed menu cards for their various ventures and collaborations

100821 sg x c chalk menu-01.png
Sly Khan - bev & dests oct-01.png
Darima Menu_Page_1.jpg
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