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Multi-device sports streaming OTT application

A global sports entertainment platform, focusing on Live streaming of sporting events for global consumers with a personalized and unique digital experience

UX Research
UX / UI Design
Design System
A/B Testing
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Sports organizations witnessed revenues fall by as much as 30-40% due to the global pandemic. Canceled sporting events have not only impacted broadcasting revenues, but also all-important incomes from sponsorship and match-day transactions. Despite this, broadcasting remains important for sports, accounting for a global value of around $50 billion. 

While coronavirus has led to in-person sports events being canceled, it has also had the opposite effect on media consumption, where a stark rise has been driven largely by people spending a lot more time at home. Sports broadcasters have had to very quickly adapt to ensure the continued delivery of engaging content.

The objective was to transform the way the world consumes sports entertainment by bringing fans closer to their passion through the best user experience. A multi-device application ( Mobile - Android & iOS, Tab - Android & iOS, Smart TV and web) with a personalised and unique digital experience.


We were a team of 20 designers and I was part of the team that lead the end-to-end design delivery which included - Consumer Research, Benchmarking, Concept design, UI/UX, CX, Visual Design, and Prototyping.


6 months

Design Process



Research Insights: Content Viewing Habit

Observation: The content viewing habits are not limited to a particular user segment. Every user segment become a Dedicated Viewer / Selective browser / Surfer depending on the situation they are in.

Dedicated Viewers
Selective Viewers

Benchmarking Analysis

Products we studied and benchmarked



User Journey
User Experience
Visual Design
Features / Aspects
Information Architecture
User Journey.png
Paradox of Choice
Habit and Context

Based on the benchmarking analysis, following are the key insights we identified

Design Principles

Design principles.png

Information Architecture

User Journey 123.png

Wireframes and UserJourney

Branding and Style Guide


Design Concepts and A/B Testing

user testing.png

The A/B testing was over a span on 2 weeks and with 30 users | Task: Select and view live streaming of a football match 
28% of users preferred Concept 1
12% of users preferred Concept 2 
60% of users preferred Concept 3 

Visual Design

​Mapping every micro-touchpoint, through a robust, intelligent, and empathetic eco-system. 
With users owning more than one device, the goal here is to design and deliver a consistent experience across devices, regardless of where the user starts, continues, and ends the journey. 

Full Screen.png


Get Closer To Your Favourite Sports Content

24/7 access to Sports18 content, View live streaming. Explore Players, managers, and staff interviews. Watch Player signings, training videos,  insights and analytics. And go behind the scenes with our exclusive club content.

 Live Chat

Users can enjoy viewing LIVE streaming of matches with friends and family, virtually using the group chat feature available on the product. To ensure there are no spoilers there is video synchronization among participants that ensures the streaming doesn’t lag.

Predictive Games and Rewards

Content Play & win with Sports18 Predictions. 
Predict the score, line-ups, first scorer, and man-of-the-match and win some incredible prizes and offers along the way!

Expert Analysis and Interviews

Listen and watch experts analyse Pre and Post Match Events, and gain insights on how the event is running.

Real Time Fixtures and Results

Match Centre is the essential match day companion. Whether it’s build-up, team news, who’s influencing the game, lineups, live score updates… find it all with Match Centre.

Player and Team Statistics

Access team and player stats, player and manager interviews, your favourite player signings, ceremonies awards and go behind the scenes with our exclusive club content.

Design System

In order to create consistent design and experience across multiple devices, it was important we created a framework that the team and the developers to use as a source of truth. We created the design system to be scalable and customisable so it could be expanded in the future according to the requirements.

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